Get a mentor in Nigeria

Everyone can agree that having an influential teacher, or mentor is crucial in order to succeed in life. Every single successful person had a mentor. Bill Gates had Warren Buffet, Mahatma Gandhi had Gopal Krishna Gokhale, the list of successful people who had a mentor is infinite. That means one thing, if you want to achieve your potential, you have to get a mentor as well.

But where to find a mentor in Nigeria?

No matter where you are, the chances are that Bill Gates will never mentor you personally, and that is not limitation believe that is just beeing realistic. But one thing that you can actually do is to get a book that he wrote and get in his brain, and understand his thought process and discover how he actually becomes who he is today. You can apply this with many cusecs full people as most of them have written books and therefore you can learn from them.

Get a personal mentor in Nigeria

You can get a mentor as a majority of people do, in school, university or at work. The problem is, that sometimes you might work at a place where you cannot find any mentor, so what can you?

You have to get yourself in a situations where you can meet a potential mentor face to face, the best things to do is to attend a different business meetings in your are. If however are not in an area where you can do such a thing or if you don’t have time for this. You can still get a mentor from a website like AfricaLinked which is a great place for networking and finding a perfect mentor. The website is designed to help connect mentors with students so I’d definitively give it a try.